Congratulations on your great season this year and being Conference Champions two years in a row!  We put together a poster of the varsity team to commemorate your hard work and conference championship for the 2015 season.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the poster please contact Harle Photography by Friday June 26th.  We will be placing the order that evening and will plan on them being in by July 1st for pick up at our studio.

Print Size:                   Cost:

8x12                           $15.00
10x15                          $20.00
12x18                          $25.00
16x24                          $45.00
20x30                          $60.00

Your print can be dropped shipped to your address for an additional $7.50 if you like

The sizes above are the best ratios for the poster designed.  If there is a special size you are interested in, please ask us.  We would be glad to try to help.

Also, incase you did not see them, the link below will take you to the action photos we took throughout the year.  The ones here are available for download at no charge.  They are lower resolution.




The link below has the same galleries with the images at full resolution and is for ordering prints.  When you order prints from these galleries, they are shipped directly to you from our printer.